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Pipeline system

From school to prison: this term refers to the trends that occur in the American system, when children in public schools are easily taken to prison for acts that could be attended within the same schools, there is a zero tolerance to penalize infractions especially for children and youth of color and Latinos, for which they are mostly criminalized compared to their white peers.
These tendencies lead them, if they do not have good opportunities from school, they follow the patterns of practicing illicit acts, which later can increase violent behavior or addictions; and eventually end up in prison.

Migration policies in the United States

From the administration of George W. Bush to that of Donald Trump, US immigration policy has had a punitive approach, the result of which has not only been the creation of persecutory institutions (such as ICE) of people living without immigration documents, but also stricter laws, which has increased deportations of Mexicans who spent most of their lives in the United States (US).

Among the huge and diverse group of deported people are people who belonged to gang groups in the United States, with problems of drug and alcohol addictions and with criminal records, either in federal or state jails of the union, many of whom were deported once the years in prison to which they were sentenced had been served.

Jalisco state of return

The state in Mexico that receives the largest return population is Jalisco, representing 9% of the other entities in the country. On the other hand, one of the main reasons for return is deportation (27.8%), Jalisco being the seventh state at the national level (Handbook on Mexican Return Migration, 2017). What he emphasizes is the importance of generating new projects focused on improving the integration of this population, since their opportunities are few and their personal and work growth is consequently affected.