As a first step, we provide support for people who have alcohol and / or drug addictions, beginning a process of healing and transformation.



Hand in hand with rehabilitation, we provide support to achieve reintegration. Finding work is difficult, because the skills of the homies are not usually valued, in addition to this, some do not speak Spanish and lack documentation such as IDs, certificates that prove their studies or work experience, among others... We provide information and support to achieve labor, educational, housing, documentation integration, that is, to all areas that allow you to have a decent life project in Mexico.


Psychological counseling

Deportation is a shock, and most have lived long parts of their lives in the United States, some do not know Mexico, this being a radical change and some even spent time in prison, so they return to Mexico after an experience of confinement. For this reason, psychological counseling is essential to help your emotional health, in conjunction with rehabilitation and reintegration.